August 31, 2020

GRAPOS or Grupo de Asesores de Producción Orgánica y Sustentable S.C. is a group of coffee producers in the

state of Chiapas in the southern Mexico in an area that borders la Biósfera del Triunfo or Triunfo Biosphere

Reserve, from which Café Imports has also purchased co...

July 6, 2020

At the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, lies the Magdalena coffee zone.

The region is home to great biodiversity and boasts an ecosystem with the ideal environmental conditions for the production of specialty coffee. Most of the coffee producing communities are Indigenou...

June 2, 2020


The amazing journey of a coffee bean from its origin Ethiopia to coffee lovers around the world. Filmed at Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union.

Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (OCFCU) is a small farmers owned cooperative union. OCFCU was established...

April 22, 2020

Morning Glory Coffee Co. is please to bring you this, limited edition, Gutemala single origin coffee. These ethically sourced, organic beans come from the El Quiché region approximately 1600 mt above sea level. Shade grown and of the Catuai, Typica, Bourbon, Pache var...

January 16, 2018

What Makes Organic Coffee “Organic”?

 Like other organic foods, organic coffees are grown without the aid of pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, and other additives which are commonly used to help protect and improve coffee output.

So, when an “organic” label is...

January 16, 2018

The Fair Trade movement started 25 years ago as an education concept, using alternative trade methods to show to the European public the injustice and social unbalance caused by international trade. The terms of trade (price relation between raw materials and processed...

January 16, 2018

Organic refers to the way agricultural products—food and fiber—are grown and processed. Organic food production is based on a system of farming that maintains and replenishes soil fertility without the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilizers. Organic foo...

August 13, 2017

Coffee lovers are discerning people, and there’s a lot to say about its many flavors, aromas, and origins – but one of the biggest differences between coffees is most striking before it even reaches your cup.

It’s the difference between conventional and organic coffee....

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